A first experimentation of law materials in portugal!

Feb 14, 2024 | News

AEV, in its role as school partner, completed a period of experimentation in the classroom context of some of the chapters in the student manual. In this way, we intend to evaluate the impact of our materials in a real context of pedagogical application, having for this purpose chosen classes and subjects where the themes of legal literacy fit in, without resulting in any disruption to the annual planning of each of the subjects, considering this intrusion as an added value to the teaching-learning process.

The overall balance of this moment of experimentation was very positive, since all the activities proposed in our materials were aligned with the interest of teachers and students, having managed to achieve a set of high quality works, namely posters alluding to the children’s rights or, for example, creating a podcast on salary issues in the EU.

Throughout the work carried out, it was possible to verify the methodological diversification that our materials allow, through the use of varied technologies, collaborative work and the increase in artistic expression to communicate ideas.

The teachers were unanimous in considering the relevance of the themes we are developing within the legal literacy framework, some teachers stated that “The interactive and participatory approach fostered a deep understanding of the subject matter among the students. The incorporation of various learning styles ensured engagement and catered to diverse learning preferences. Regular discussions, case studies, and real-world examples enhanced the students’ comprehension and critical thinking skills.” and “The combination of a well-designed teaching-learning method, creative materials, effective group articulation, and meticulous activity planning contributed to a holistic and enriching learning experience. The project not only met the academic objectives but also instilled a sense of responsibility and advocacy for children’s rights among the students. The dedication and enthusiasm displayed by the students are indicative of a successful and impactful educational endeavour.”