Croatian legal literacy report had a first public presentation

Déc 22, 2022 | News

Legal literacy is in focus! As we have finished with our national reports and a synthesis report on basic legal literacy, now is the time to share and promote it.

On an international Human Rights Day, the Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka, marked it by bringing legal literacy into the focus. Our prof. PhD. Sanja Barić was presenting our research and was moderated by another team member of ours, PhD. Matija Miloš.

Just a couple of days later, on the 9th of December Forum for Freedom in Education, together with Sanja Barić held a public presentation of the Croatian national report on legal literacy.

The goal of the analysis of the Forum for Freedom of Education and the Faculty of Law in Rijeka « Law in Everyday Life » is to create a competence framework of legal knowledge for students in the final grades of primary and secondary schools, to create materials for teaching legal literacy.

« It is evident from the analysis that teaching 14-year-olds basic legal literacy should focus on the topics of private life and entertainment, virtual reality and family relationships. Teaching basic legal literacy to 18-year-olds should focus on the basics of civil law, the basics of the legal order and state organization, and entrepreneurship and work, and should focus less on topics from private life and entertainment and virtual reality. After all, learning about the law is just that – a right, which the state is obliged to provide to children and young people », explained constitutional lawyer Sanja Barić, professor at the Faculty of Law in Rijeka.