Educational content for legal literacy in schools: the “Law” meeting in Palermo

Dec 18, 2023 | News

To make basic legal literacy an integral part of civic education programs in European schools, it is important to create innovative educational materials that can be used by teachers and students.

In view of this objective, the third transnational meeting with the partnership of The Law Project took place in Palermo, hosted by the “Danilo Dolci” Center on 13th and 14th December 2023.

During this meeting, the final steps that will lead to the finalization of the training materials were discussed. The results will be:

  • A textbook for students aged 14 to 18 on basic legal literacy, to learn about the legal principles that regulate our lives in the societies in which we live
  • A manual for teachers containing teaching activities on the topic and linked to the topics covered in the textbook
  • An interactive platform on basic legal literacy, which can be used by students but also by teachers to draw on new activities

Once the results are finalized, these tools will be presented and tested in schools in Italy, Portugal, France and Croatia to understand if they are effective tools for promoting basic legal literacy as an integral part of civic education in schools.

The objective is to give students the fundamental legal skills to be able to understand legal terms and know how to intervene in everyday life situations, and to provide teachers with tools to support this process. In the first months of 2024 the partnership will revise the final documents and will translate them into all the partnership languages, so that they can be ready for presentation and testing in schools.