Meeting in Portugal

Ott 14, 2022 | News

The first Meeting face to face of “The Law Project -Law in Everyday Life” organized and hosted by INOVA+ was held in Matosinhos, Portugal on June the 6th and 7th 2022.

The Law Project aims to contribute to the common values, civic engagement, and participation of citizens by putting an emphasis on basic legal literacy for it is one of the competences conducive to the enjoyment of democratic participation by individuals at community level and any other. Indeed, only citizens who know and understand basic legal concepts, principles, and terms can fully promote democracy, support the rule of law, and protect fundamental rights.

Core to the project is the promotion of legal literacy in education system and other educational setting for students 14 to 18 years old. The project starts with the development of a methodology of competences intended to get schools and teachers to recognize basic legal literacy as an integral part of civic education curricula. The acquirement of these fundamental legal competences should enable each student to understand legal terms and assess simple legal actions in their environment.

The Law Project will produce a Legal Literacy Competence framework for students in the target age, but also a Textbook on basic literacy for students and a MOOC on basic literacy for students. In addition, for teachers, the project will produce a Curriculum for a 12-hours Training Program as well as a Teacher’s Manual.

The meeting was the occasion for all partner organisations to not only review the advancement of the project so far by discussing the already produced deliverables, but also to discuss and agree on the general vision of the deliverables to be produced in the following steps of the project.