Legal literacy competence framework

The Competence Framework is the key document that will enable the partnership to develop other project
results. The CF will be also used as a communication and advocacy tool towards target groups, local, regional, national or European level authorities and stakeholders to raise awareness on the importance of legal literacy in being an integral part of civic education.

This document can work on all levels from local to European and not only in formal education but in adult education or in youth work. If necessary, parts of the CF can be used as guidance in the development of similar documents for higher education.

Also available in: HRFRITPT

Synthesis reports

Available in: ENHRFRITPT

Teaching and learning materials

The primary target group is teachers in primary and secondary schools that will be equipped with knowledge and materials on basic legal concepts. They will also be able to raise awareness and use legal norms in everyday life. Secondary target groups are students, to whom the project will bring basic legal structures and concepts closer to their experiences by combining digital and practical material.

Results type:

  • Learning/teaching/ training material
  • Students Textbook
  • Teachers Manual
  • MOOC

School projects

Through this activity, teachers will get the training they lack and that is essential for teaching legal literacy. They will also create school projects that will enable their students to learn about law by teaching others and raising awareness of the importance of legal literacy. MOOC will offer teachers and students space where they can explore legal topics focused on the needs of certain age groups. These activities will empower students to understand the law, EU values, and become active citizens.